Top 5 Activities You Shouldn’t Miss Out On a Dubai Tour

Both the cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi are just the stirring alchemy of profound traditions as well as an ambitious futuristic vision of the United Arab Emirates. With all the Emiratis making up only a fraction of the whole population, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are bustling cities peacefully shared by cultures from all across the world. Especially in Dubai, newcomers and visitors can easily get connected with myriad experiences of the city, like eating with Bedouin, dancing on the beach, shopping for local art sculptures, riding on a camel in the desert.

For planning a vacation in Dubai, here are a few leads that you shouldn’t miss out, if you really want to return back home with plentiful memorable experiences:

Take The Plunge On Skydiving In Dubai. Dubai city is best seen from the sky, so why not from 13,000 feet! Enjoy skydiving in Dubai and soar like a bird over one of the most spectacular drop zones throughout the world in short and simple words, skydiving is an extreme experience and will make your heart racing so fast. The ultimate thrill of holding on for dear life makes anything seem possible. To make sure you remember the experience forever in Dubai, a cameraman needs to document the whole fun.

Add More Fun with Skiing Expedition. Did you ever imagine you’d come to Dubai and go for skiing? That’s right, of course! The 3,000 square meter long Snow Park with snow caves, toboggan slope and tube rides is a great choice for family fun. However, the alpine café is an ideal alternative for sipping hot chocolate at a temperature of minus four degrees or watching out the daily march of colony of snow penguins.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi


Include Flair with Desert Camping. Camping in the Arabian desert can be an entertaining and exhilarating adventure. Start your safari by riding over sand dunes in a luxury, 4 wheel drive vehicle. Experience sand dune bashing and dig right into the spectacular scenery of the desert. After that, a traditional Arabian campsite awaits for you with so many enjoyable activities to try out, like smoke aromatic sand surf, shisha or do a henna painting. Besides, witness a sparkling desert sunset, taste a feast on a delicious 3-course meal while enjoying a belly dancer performing in a traditional folk music.

Shopping. Well, the city of Dubai is quite synonymous with shopping. There’s nothing that you can’t buy when shopping in Dubai. During your city tour in Dubai, you can enjoy shopping around a wide array of malls, from the ultra modern malls the traditional Arabic souks. However, the city is bursting with several designer goodies, Middle Eastern handicrafts and many more things that you will love the most.

desert safari in Abu Dhabi


Conclusion. If you’re planning for a vacation in Dubai, then you must take a glimpse of the above things that you shouldn’t give a miss! For this purpose, you must be in need of a tour operator for your help. Orient Tours is a premier tour operator, providing a wide array of travel options to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi at a reasonable cost. If you really want fun-filled experiences on your upcoming holiday, you just choose city tours in Dubai of Orient Tours and be sure of returning back home with wonderful feelings.

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