Planning Wonderful Cruise Shore Excursions In Dubai

Do you narrow down your voyage options? Then the hard part is just done! Now it’s time to think about what to do once you arrive in some of the most fascinating places on the planet. Fortunately, this post can help you make the decision making process easy with exciting shore excursion experiences, which are often considered as a great way to understand local life, culture, port and meet local people also.

When thinking about cruise shore excursions, choose no other than Dubai. Dubai has rapidly emerged itself as the one of the most admired winter cruise destinations amongst worldwide tourists. With a perfect combination of old mosques and newly built shopping malls, innovative architecture and golden sand dunes of the desert, the city of Dubai welcomes millions of visitors to enjoy its lots of things. Holiday explorers can get a lavish living experience as they just need to sit back, relax and soak themselves in the ultimate beauty of Dubai’s horizons.

Cruise Shore Excursions In Dubai: –

Visitors to the newest destination on the Arabian Gulf, Dubai won’t help but marvel at the stunning beauty, rich history and excellent promise as one of the fastest growing luxury travel destinations around the world. There are plentiful things to explore during your stays in Dubai and more importantly the boat trips on Palm Island are the best among them. Just dive right into the sprawling Mall of Emirates with over 200 shops and an indoor ski slope that you must see in order to believe on cruise shore excursions in Dubai. Or if you are seeking for true flavor of the region, you can explore grand and ancient mosques, peaceful beach side resorts or one of the many open air souks buzzing with authentic sights, sounds and tastes of the region.

Additional Activities: –

If you are cruising in Dubai, you can experience extremely enjoyable shore excursions to the fullest. Besides, Dubai cruise shore excursions you can taste a traditional Bedouin meal in the desert with a wide range of activities that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

1. Camel ride across the desert dunes
2. Get traditional henna tattoo
3. Smoke a waterpipe
4. Watch belly dance performance
5. Enjoy grilled meats, fish and vegetables in a Bedouin tent

All these activities make you introduce to the authentic culture of Dubai and is not to be missed, when planning Dubai cruise shore excursions.

Conclusion: –

Dubai has transformed itself in recent years with a huge combination of creative, ambitious sightings that have encapsulated this city to the top of every holiday bucket list. Hence, plan out cruise shore excursions in Dubai with Orient Tours and be ready to experience most out of this desert hotspot.

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