Fascinating Things To Do During A City Tour In Dubai

Glistening with richness, Dubai is no doubt one of the emirates which made its existence felt on the world-map with its embodiment as a shopping paradise. The city allures its visitors with multiple glitzy hotels, wonderful variety of shopping avenues, numerous dinning establishments and modish bars and nightclubs.

With a lot of offer, things to do in Dubai maybe an overwhelming topic for the tourists. Therefore a well-organized city tour in Dubai may be your best bet to enjoy everything the city has to offer in a more customized manner.


Below mentioned are a few things that your Dubai sightseeing city tour may include of:

  • A quick glance of the Plam Island – which was the 1st man-made isle in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Traveling past Burj Al Arab – the award winning & the only 7-star hotel on the planet earth.

  • Exploring the sandy beaches of Jumeirah region.

  • Witnessing the Jumeirah Mosque, which is the most photographed construction in Dubai. It is beautiful to watch both day and night.

  • Pass through the Sheikh Zayed Road, where you can explore all the soaring towers of Dubai Sky line and also the Emirate towers – one of the tallest building on the planet.

  • Visiting the Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum’s House, which dates back to 1986, is a fabulous example of Islamic architecture and now is home to many fascinating galleries.

  • Alongside Sheikh Saeed House, you will also get to see the Heritage Village, which features several historic attractions encompassing displaying of weaving, pottery, cookery and pearl diving.

  • A trip to the 150 years old Al Fahidi Fort, that’s home of Dubai Museum where one can experience the history of Dubai as a trading & pearl diving center.

  • A visit to Bastakia where you can witness some of the oldest constructions in Dubai with their classic wind towers.

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