Discover the Rich Trendsetting Magnificence in Dubai

Blessed with year-round sunshine, picturesque deserts, the seductive beaches, highly extravagant hotels, high-end shopping malls, and fascinating rich heritage attractions, Dubai welcomes millions of worldwide leisure and business travelers every year.

Whatever the reason behind – be it for a desert safari in Dubai or a city tour in Dubai, the magnificent city never fails to appeal you in every sense. Thinking where to kick-start your vacation? Check out the available options for your Dubai holidays and experience your vacation at its best.

Ski Dubai

  1. Visit Ski Dubai 

Want to visit a desert and ski slopes simultaneously? Well, you can do that on a city tour in Dubai. The place is known as Ski Dubai. It switches temperature from 50 degrees to zero – which seems like a bit weird.

But you should embrace the weirdness of Dubai wholeheartedly. Even if you don’t know how to ski, instructors will be there to help you.

Dubai Fountain

  1. See Dubai Fountain 

Seeing Dubai Fountain go up and touch the sky won’t cost you anything. It’s quite similar to Belaggio fountains. The difference is that Dubai Fountain is louder, taller, and bigger.

Dubai Creek

  1. Explore Dubai Creek 

The Dubai Creek has managed to showcase the age-old history of local dwellers – which dates you back to 4000 years when exactly the Bani Yas tribe was settled near the region.

In order to reach the Dubai Creek, you’ll need to travel on the tourist cruise boats – which are generally guided by local tour guides. Your tour operator will help you arrange a Dubai Creek under the guidance of a highly educated, experienced, local tour guide.

Burj Khalifa

  1. Stop at Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa on a city tour in Dubai can bring excitement and thrill to travel enthusiasts – who want to experience adventures throughout their life. You will get to ride the world’s fastest lift in Burj Khalifa.

Besides, it’s a heaven for photographers and people who want to go beyond horizons.

Dubai Mall

  1. Visit Dubai Mall 

Dubai is famed for world-renowned shopping scenes. But Dubai Mall is something very different and worth-seeing. You will find a 22 screen cinema and a theme park – known as Sega World in Dubai Mall.

Apart from this, there’s an underwater zoo and ice-rink for ultimate and excitement on a Dubai city tour. In short and simple words, Dubai Mall is nothing less than a tourist destination and much more than just a shopping mall.

  1. A Desert Safari Adventure 

Your vacation won’t complete without a desert safari in Dubai. Even, it’s a bit impossible to talk about adventure without any mention of a Dubai desert safari tour. Ask your tour operator about the availability of desert safari packages and a professional tour guide to help you through the journey.


Final Consideration –

Dubai has a lot of things to offer when it comes to escapade. With wide arrays of recreational and spectacular sightings around the city, there’s no doubt that Dubai is well-prepared to take you on an exhilarating journey that you always dream for.

All you need to do is to book a guided city tour in Dubai through Orient Tours and schedule your trip while getting ample information about the sightseeing attractions available to appeal you. We can help you manage your vacation time and make sure that you don’t miss anything!

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